Deep in Hong Kong's busy Wanchai district, where Native Hong Kongese once lived in harmony with traffic, you'll find the English Speaking Corps  (ESC). Far enough from the traffic, yet close enough for every convenience.

Just 6 minutes walk from the Wanchai MTR Station (Mass Transit Rail) and 3minutes from the nearest tram stop..

Directions to The Salvation Army

English Speaking Corps

By MTR (Mass Transit Rail)

1.1    Get off at Wanchai Station, use Exit A3

1.2    Turn Left (East) on Johnston Road and follow the Tram track.

1.3    When you reach the intersection of Johnson Road and Wanchai Road, take Wanchai Road and go 2 Blocks until you reach Bullock Lane follow it all the way to the end.

1.4    You will reach Cross Lane, keep going and you will pass the entrance of Wanchai Park, keep going and you will arrive at Wood Road.

1.5    Wood Road joins into the Salvation Army Street.

1.6    Welcome to The English Speaking Corps.


2.1    If you are coming from Central, you can take any Tram that travels East (Happy Valley, Sheung Wan, North Point etc.)

2.2    If you are coming from the East, you can take any Tram that travels West (Kennedy Town, Western Market, Whitty Street etc.)

2.3    Get off at 180 Block of Johnston Road, and you will see a McDonald's Restaurant.

2.4    Turn right on Burrows Street, go down Burrows Street, cross Wanchai Road and keep going down Burrows Street.

2.5    Burrows Street joins to Salvation Army Street

2.6    Welcome to the English Speaking Corps.


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Follow Me To No.8 Salvation Army Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Tel: 2893-0081

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